IBC is God's home for the nations that seeks to
unite all people to Christ in love by making
disciples for the glory of God.

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Joining us for Worship?

Find out more about weekend services. Get directions, where to park, find out about bible study classes and where to take your children.

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A Word From Our Pastor

International Baptist Church is a very unique expression of the body of Christ, The vast majority of churches reflect one nationality, culture, or ethnicity, but in a refreshing contrast IBC is composed of...

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The Faithful Interpreter

Do you want to be a better reader of the bible? This 4-session seminar will guide us through the following topics:

Friday, Feb 27th
7pm - 9pm - Session 1: What is Interpretation (not)?

Saturday, Feb 28th
9am - 10:30 - Session 2: The Promise of Narrative
11am - 12:30 - Session 3: Locations of Meaning
1:30pm - 3pm - Session 4: The Bible Comes Alive

Register Now!

Upon completing the form, a confirmation message will be sent to your registered email address. Please present that message upon payment of the $10 registration fee, which includes lunch for Saturday.

If you're paying on a Sunday, please look for Jhing or Susanna at the reception (L2 lift lobby). If you're paying on a weekday, please look for Faith at the Admin Office (B1 level). If there's anything else we can help you with, don't hesitate to email us.

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